Journal Articles

HELEN KELLER / ABIGAIL PERSHING, ‘Climate Change in Court: Overcoming Procedural Hurdles in Transboundary Environmental Cases’, ECHR Law Review (2021).

HELEN KELLER / CORINA HERI / RÉKA PISKÓTY, ‘Something Ventured, Nothing Gained? – Remedies before the ECtHR and their Potential for Climate Change Cases’, Human Rights Law Review (2022).

HELEN KELLER / CORINA HERI, 'The Future is Now: Climate Cases Before the ECtHR', Nordic Journal of Human Rights (2022).

Recently accepted papers

CORINA HERI, 'Climate Cases before the ECtHR: Capturing Risk, Ill-Treatment and Vulnerability', European Journal of International Law (forthcoming 2022)


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