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Climate Rights and Remedies Project

About the Ursula Brunner Lecture Series

Portrait of the late Dr. iur., Dr. iur. h.c. Ursula Brunner RA (1950-2019)

Inaugurating the Ursula Brunner Lecture Series on the Environment and Human Rights

The Ursula Brunner Lecture series was initiated in honor of the late Dr. iur Dr. h.c. Ursula Brunner by Prof. Dr. Helen Keller and Prof. Dr. Johannes Reich, together with Dr. Corina Heri and MLaw Evin Yesilöz, in the fall of 2021.

The lectures are held in honour of the late Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. Ursula Brunner RA, whose generous support has made the CRRP project possible. Dr. Brunner was a distinguished lawyer and legal academic who contributed prolifically to the development of the field of environmental law. A full profile of Dr. Brunner is available here.

Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. Ursula Brunner passed away on the 17th of July 2019. In her memory, the Brunner Lectures at the University of Zurich will invite distinguished speakers from around the world to discuss issues related to environmental law and human rights, especially in relation to climate change. The Lectures will be complemented by a series of smaller-scale workshops held at regular intervals throughout the academic year.

The lectures are co-hosted by Prof. Dr. Helen Keller and Prof. Dr. Johannes Reich, and invite distinguished speakers from various jurisdictions to intervene on the subject of human rights and the environment. Talks will range in topic from climate justice, to human rights litigation, to other topical issues. Please stay tuned for more information and first confirmed speakers.

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